Music composed and performed by Philipp Enders

The process of creating a choreography often gives me the opportunity to produce little asides – small gems that are the result of a reflection on my process through other means than rehearsing the dance in the studio or taking notes. 
Usually these asides come in form of music, words or drawings.


In my dance piece THE INTERWOVEN WE SINGS SILENTLY there is one section that is based on a music composition I made. It is a canon for three voices and to each voice I choreographed a representative dance phrase. 
When making the dance piece, a playback of the composition was used to learn the dance phrases, but then abandoned as soon as the respective melodies were internalized and embodied. Thus in the piece the «three-part canon dance» is performed in silence.
 However the music composition is still there, within our bodies and in our movements.

Now this song is another take on the canon material: it is a jazz piano trio adaption of the canon composition. Here, the bass is playing one voice of the canon throughout, whereas the piano is changing between playing a second voice in canon freely on top of it, and improvising around the melodic motifs and themes of the composition.