from me to you  | trio version
Performance: 2nd of July 2013 in Montpellier,
in the frame of ‘SCHOOLS III/Montpellier Danse’

Idea: Philipp Enders, Sandra Wieser
Scores/Performance: Julia Rodríguez, Lea Moro, Philipp Enders

From me to you is a score-based performance experiment. We make presents for our fellow performers that includes three items. Everyone prepares her/his individual score out of the given and received material and will perform it for the very first time, along with the others performing their scores, on stage. This procedure provides a sharing of the same material without knowing howeach of us will treat, translate and perform the gathered material. We are curious what happens
when our personal scores will meet in space for the first time: how can we interact, relate, build on each other, yet retain truthful to our scores? How (in)dependant are we with them, how malleable, how rigid.
At last: what do we create together in the moment, being partly informed and partly left in the unknown with our scores at hand.

Performance took place at ENSAD, Montpellier, in the frame of SCHOOLS III/Montpellier Danse on the July 2nd, 2013.


from me to you with love #1 | duo version
Performance: 2nd of December 2012 at K77 Berlin,
in the frame of ‘P.O.R.C.H. EXTENDED’

Idea: Philipp Enders, Sandra Wieser
Scores/Performance: Sandra Wieser, Philipp Enders

(In their warm, cozy homes) Philipp gathers material he wants to use for the
creation of a score. He makes a present out of it addressed to Sandra.
Meanwhile, Sandra collects material for making a score. She puts them
together in form of a present for Philipp.
(At a street corner) Philipp and Sandra meet to exchange their gifts and then
separate again to (wherever) make their personal scores out of all the
assembled material.
(On stage, day of the performance) The two scores meet for the first time: they
overlap, they blend, they go in and out of themselves, they ignore or speak
with each other, they contradict or side, they disobey, they remember,
they… interact – perhaps.