Du 10 au 21 avril ma nouvelle création en cours Dans nous la montagne sera accueilli en résidence à l’ICI-CCN de Montpellier. Avec Sonia Garcia, Séverine Lefèvre, Mariana Viana, Camille Ulrich et Caty Olive. Pendant ce temps il y aura deux moments de partage et d’ouverture : un atelier ouvert à tout public autour de ma pratique chorégraphique le 12 avril et une sortie de résidence le 20 avril.

Plus d’info :


Les premières dates de diffusion de CONSTRUIRE UN FEU de La Tierce arrivent !

Le 8 mars nous jouons à La Manufacture CDCN Nouvelle-Aquitaine à Bordeaux, puis le 11 mars on sera au Dancing CDCN Bourgogne Franche-Comté à Dijon pour ouvrir son festival Art Danse 2023.


Depuis un an et demi j’ai travaille avec La Tierce + une équipe magnifique sur leur nouvelle création CONSTRUIRE UN FEU. Maintenant elle est là : les premières dates sont les 2 et 3 février au Mille Plateaux CCN La Rochelle.



GESTE DE DÉMARRAGE — PREMIÈRE du projet de mon collectif cohue aura lieu le 11 Septembre à 17h dans le cadre du festival « Plastique danse flore » au potager du roi à Versailles. Venez !! Plus d’info et billeterie :


À venir
L’artiste visuelle et chorégraphique Clarissa Baumann m’invite à la rejoindre pour un moment de travail ensemble du 13 au 18 mars lors de son exposition chambre d’echos à l’ICI–CCN de Montpellier. On ouvra l’espace pour le public jeudi, le 17 mars à 18h et 18h30.
Plus d’info :

Du 21 au 25 mars, je serai en résidence à Honolulu Nantes pour une première semaine de recherche au studio pour ma prochaine création Dans nous la montagne (création 2023).
Plus d’info :


En résidence avec La Tierce pour leur prochaine création Construire un feu (titre provisoire) à l’ICI-CCN de Montpellier — c’est un grand plaisir.
Il y aura une sortie de résidence le 20 janvier.



A new song called “Lamon” added to the Daysongs collection. Check it out.


I’ve made a small video work upon the invitation of La Manufacture CDCN Bordeaux – La Rochelle, in the frame of Danse on air, called Quelques réflexions sur la partition chorégraphique. Online since today, 13th of May, it can be found here:

More material of other artists around the theme of Partition (all in French language) can be found on the website of


Today is the 4th, today is a new song, a daysong:


Three new songs — 3 Bleus, Mignon’s Lament & AARe — are added to Daysongs and can be listened to by going here:


Two weeks of residency with my collective cohue are ahead, despite the sanitary crisis we’re in. We’ll be one week at Théâtre La Vignette in Montpellier followed by one week at La Bellone in Brussels, working on our upcoming creation geste de démarrage (working title).



This Sunday I perform my recent piece N in an alternate version, adapted to the format of streaming, situated between choreography and lecture performance. It takes place only online in the frame of the festival mouvements sur la ville #12 in Montpellier.
Come and watch !

N (version alternative)
Sunday, December 6th 2020 at 17h,
Or here:
For more info visit:

Photo: Anat Bosak


I updated the Choreography section with info+images to my last creations N and A Lecture on Nuance. There are new songs to be found in the Music section and some new drawings in the Drawing / Painting section. Have a look have a listen!


Being in residence at the Théâtre La Vignette with my new collective cohue, it happens that there is a wonderful Yamaha Grand Piano at our disposal. I took the opportunity to record three original compositions that I wrote recently, forming the AUTUMN SUITE.
Videos of me playing this suite are here:


Finally, prolonged by the developments of this weird year, I finished my Master in Choreography at exerce, ICI-CCN de Montpellier. More infos on my final piece “N”, as well to the musical lecture performance “A Lecture on Nuance” that I hold in the frame of our final presentations, are coming soon.


A new series of 24 compositions. “NUANCEN – 24 short pieces for piano” is a composition I wrote in the frame of my Master choreography excerce at the ICI–CCN Montpellier. It is one of three parts that form my thesis, the mémoire, to obtain the Master degree. You can listen to it in the music section.

I put a new EP online. The EP is called “Fields” and contains 5 songs I wrote and recorded in April and May. You’ll find it in the music section.


I added an EP to the music section. It is called “32” and I made those five tracks end of 2017, beginning of 2018. To listen:

Also, I updated the drawing section, adding several new abstract drawings to the collection.



©Photo: Antoine Magdziarz ; Drawing & Collage: Philipp Enders

My new piece Along with the night wuthering is coming up, next week!! Wednesday, June 12th, at 19h at ICI–CCN Montpellier, in the frame of the Publications M1 of the Master program Exerce. More info and reservation here:

Deep in the preparation of my new dance piece Along with the night wuthering. Along with the night wuthering is a duo with Kidows Kim, and the piece goes along with my research in the frame of exerce (Master in Choreography). It will premiere either 11 or 12 of June during the Publications M1 at the ICI-CCN Montpellier.


Last weeks’ summer occupation was and continues to be studying colours & textures – by composing sound and making drawings. This led to a new category added to my website: Drawing. There you’ll find abstract drawings by myself and in collaboration with dessinatrice Camille Ulrich, as well as some drawings of people. Check it out!

A musical result of my research is also added and you’ll find it here:

This weekend I perform in a quiet, meditative performance installation by André Uerba.
Burn Time, Sat./Sun./Mon. 14-16th, 7pm in the frame of Open Spaces – Tanzfabrik Berlin.
More info:

SALT LAKE is going to premiere soon!
June 23 & 24 – 20h30 at ada Studio Berlin,
in the frame of  NAH DRAN extended: Landscaping.
come – come –come for some desert landscape imagery.

April 25.
The rehearsals for FORT /DA I – Terrain Vague together with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop are going to start tomorrow! I am excitedly looking forward to this venture.
Shows will be on May 12 at Radialsystem V Berlin, more information you’ll find here:

– Upcoming Upcoming Upcoming –

For the performative concert FORT /DA I – Terrain Vague I am collaborating with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop ( from Berlin.
Two shows will take place on May 12 at Radialsystem V Berlin.

My new dance piece SALT LAKE in collaboration with the adorable Johanna Ackva will premiere on June 23 & 24 at ada Studio Berlin, in the frame of NAH DRAN extended: Landscaping – an evening curated by Lee Méir.


From the 5th to the 9th of June, Adaline Anobile and I were in residency with Workspace Brussels, continuing our research on being all ears in Studio 5 at Rosas in Brussels.
More info:;_all_ears-3140.html

End of this month Adaline Anobile and I will work on our research on being all ears. We will finish our one-week research phase in Berlin with a showing in the frame of the event 3AM, on June 4 at Flutgraben.

I got invited to be part of PRAXIS #8, an event organized and hosted by the French company La Tierce. On Thursday March 16, 2017 at 20pm I will show the results of a 4-day residency at the Manufacture Atlantique in Bordeaux. Together with dancers Sonia Garcia & Séverine Lèfevre from La Tierce, I will continue to work on my research on the musicality of spoken language, this time working with two poems in English and Breton.

January 11.
The performances of THE INTERWOVEN WE SINGS SILENTLY took place a few days ago. Here are two first photographic insights.
Photos by © Gerhard Ludwig.



The process of creating a choreography often gives me the opportunity to produce little asides – small gems that are the result of a reflection on my process through other means than rehearsing the dance in the studio or taking notes.
Usually these asides come in form of music, words or drawings.

This time I would like to share a song with you:


We are in the studio working hard, while surely approaching the premiere of
The Interwoven We Sings Silently. Information to the piece you can find here:

New dates are out: my new dance piece The Interwoven We Sings Silently will premiere January 8 and 9, 2017 (both days at 20h30) within the Tanztage Festival at Sophiensaele Berlin. My team and I are looking forward!

Drawing by Philipp Enders

Two pictures from last week: performing Procedure for Underground by Paul Hendrikse
in the frame of Playground Festival Leuven.



Photos: © Joeri Thiry/STUK

Coming up: the creation of The Interwoven We Sings Silently. My new dance piece will premiere in the frame of Tanztage Berlin, in January 2017. Exact time and dates, as well as information to the piece will follow soon.

I perform in a new work by visual artist Paul Hendrikse entitled Procedure for Underground. It will be presented 17th-19th of November in the frame of Playground Festival in Leuven, Belgium.

Some new poems added to the Text section.

I am happy to announce that I received a Research stipend 2016 from the Berlin Senate – Cultural Affairs for an upcoming choreographic research phase.

Finishing the creation of my miniature-choreography of 6 minutes, entitled LL, to be presented May 21+22 at ada studio Berlin, in the frame of “10 times 6”.

Upcoming: LL – a new choreographic study on the diction and poetics of the language. To be presented May 21+22 at ada studio Berlin, in the frame of “10 times 6”.

Last week Friday the 15th, my collaborative lecture performance ERZ – zur Lust am Text, created and performed together with author Monika Rinck and performance artist Siegmar Zacharias, took place at the Tanzquartier Vienna. It was great fun! We were working on the potential of intentional misreading and -understanding of Roland Barthes’ The pleasure of the text. Thanks to Krassimira Kruschkova for inviting us to the TQW.

Thinking towards LL.

Forming ideas.

Once again and for the last time: a week in Genk, Belgium.


My essay «TEXTRÄUMEN – choreographisches Aneignen von literarischen Texten. Eine Rahmung» got published in the latest edition of the magazine SPRITZ. More information can be found here:

3 weeks Belgium: first Kortrijk to show “Balthazar” by David Weber-Krebs at NEXT-Festival, followed by a 2nd working period in Genk with visual artist Paul Hendrikse.

I’ve just returned from Genk/Belgium, finishing a first working phase for a new performance work by the visual artist Paul Hendrikse, to be presented in 2016.

I am in Hamburg, rehearsing with the choreographer Jonas Woltemate for his new production “Chaos”, to be premiered on the 8th of October at Kampnagel Hamburg.
For more infos:

(Vacation time.)

Last weekend my performance+installation “Texträumen” had been presented in the frame of “Step-Text: Zeitgenössischer Tanz und Literatur. Teil II” at the lcb Berlin. It was big fun and very interesting to appropriate literary texts and translate them into small choreographies.

After the crazy busy last months, it’s time for a bit of vacation now, until I am going to Hamburg in September/October for the production “Chaos” by Jonas Woltemate, to be premiered at Kampnagel Hamburg, 8.-11. of October.

I wish you all a beautiful summer!

The performances with “Balthazar” (by David Weber-Krebs) at the Hebbel am Ufer are past now. The donkeys Felix and Nero are back on their farm, all performers back in their cities. The next thing coming up is my performative contribution “Texträumen” to the collective project “Step-Text: Zeitgenössischer Tanz und Literatur. Teil II”, curated by Gabriele Brandstetter and Sigrid Gareis, taking place at the Literarische Colloquium Berlin on July 18th and 19th. Looking forward!

Last Saturday my research presentation MEHRSTIMMIGKEITEN_research took place and was fun! A great thank you to my collaborators Annegret Schalke, Julia Rodríguez, Jan Burkhardt, Maja Zimmermann and Thomas Schaupp.

Halfway through my research project and happy and excited about the work my collaborators and me have done so far. More information about the project here:

On the 15th I’ve finally started my research project MEHRSTIMMIGKEITEN_research in the studio with my dear collaborators Julia Rodríguez & Annegret Schalke as performers, and Jan Burkhardt, Thomas Schaupp & Maja Zimmermann as outside eyes. Very happy that it’s getting real, finally.
This week from the 23rd on, the first meeting of STEP-TEXT will take place. Excited about that as well!

A short preview for May already: on the 23rd of May at 15h, I will present the working results of MEHRSTIMMIGKEITEN_research at the Studio 2 of the Mime Centrum Berlin, located in the Künstlerquartier Bethanien. Everyone welcome and the entrance is free of charge!

I am in the preparation for my research project ‘Mehrstimmigkeiten’ which will has its first day in the studio in mid-April and will fnish with a public showing of our working results on the 23rd of May. Julia Rodríguez and Annegret Schalke are my dancing collaborators.  Looking forward to finally enter the studio for it soon!

I am glad to announce that I will be part of STEP-TEXT, a rencontre between 5 choreographers and 5 authors, organized and curated by Sigrid Gareis & Gabriele Brandstetter, which will include a first coming together along with a symposium in April and will be followed by two days of Performance-Parcours in July at the LCB, where we will present the working results of our collaboration.
More information to the project here:

I am in the planning of my next research phase on Mehrstimmigkeit.
Beginning of February then there will be 2 performances of Martin Nachbar’s Thingamajig at the FFT Juta in Düsseldorf again.



November / December.
reading music watercolour movement.

17th –

I am very happy to anounce that I received the grant Einstiegsförderung 2015 from the Berliner Senat. This grant guarantees that I will continue my choreographic research on polyphony. The next research phase will be called Mehrstimmigkeiten (polyphonies) and happen next year, realized with this money.

The shows of Thingamajig went well and are over for now.
Next thing coming up will be Harvey, I guess. More info will follow, once it gets more concrete.

It is almost the end of September and therefore it is hardly more than a week until the premiere of Martin Nachbar’s Thingamajig, where I am performing in. More information about the performances you can find under Dates.

In the last weeks I am spending a lot of time with making music and trying out new compositional methods. Something that eats time, but right now there is time for it in fact, so let it be well eaten.

I am happy that last week I could finally present my research on Mehrstimmigkeit and by this complete my bachelor study in ‘Dance, Context, Choreography’ at the HZT Berlin.
A few weeks of vacation are ahead of me now until mid August, when I will begin to work with choreographer Martin Nachbar  for his new production Affording Efforts (working title), to be premiered October 2nd in Berlin.

My studies on Mehrstimmigkeit take concrete shapes. Less than 3 weeks until the presentation of my research, I am very much looking forward to it.

I am in the midst of my research on Mehrstimmigkeit (polyphony) for my final Bachelor project. At the moment I am busy doing a study based on an own music composition for three instruments. This three-part song I translate into a choreography for three dancers, where for each voice I write a dance phrase that goes along with its melody.

I discovered a novel by Robert Pinget called Apokryph that I surely would claim to be polyphonic in its construction. It is a very interesting reading.

Less than two weeks until the premiere of Balken (two-part study). It is finished and I am looking forward to share it soon! It will be shown on Thursday, 24th of April – 19h30 at Uferstudios / Studio 10, Berlin.

31st –

Back from performing in St. Petersburg. It was a special experience to show my work to a Russian audience that is not used to see such conceptual approaches to dance. I was happy and excited learning about their curiosity and interest in our work and what we consider as dance and choreography.

Some pictures of the performance, done by © Olga Kudryavtseva.




On the 29th of March I will perform Balken (i.e. only the first part) in St. Petersburg, Russia. See under Dates for more information.

The second part of Balken (constellation – working title) is nearly completed. End of April it will premiere, performed together with the first part and entitled Balken [two-part study]. Go to Dates for more information. Also, I am planning to make a new trailer or short documentary about the process. It will be posted under Projects, once it is finished.

January / February.
Continuation of working on Balken part II – constellation. Being busy with finding strategies to translate the material assembled in the practice into choreography.


I am busy working on constellation, which is the current working title for the second part of Balken. Right now I am in the process of assembling various material, which I will use as the main source for the choreography and composition later on. For this purpose I invented a practice that includes the participation of other people in order to let their ways of seeing and perceiving influence my work. In the end it will be me who is sculpturing, but the material I can use for it is coming from them – so far the idea behind it.

Towards the end of the month my friends from La Tierce ( visited me here in Berlin for a week of research in the studio.We mainly worked on the relation between movement and text following the question of how they can inform each other without falling into a mere representation in movement of a text e.g. and vice versa.

The performances at the ada went very well and now it is about finding a continuation of Balken! I am going to create a second part, open a new chapter, begin from a different point of view, but will hold on to the main aspects of the first part.

After the experience of a succesful premiere of Balken and a nourishing Acker´Festival in general, after a week off in Barcelona seeing friends and a nourishing rest, I am now going back to rehearse on Balken for the upcoming performances at the ada Studio later this month.

Two more weeks until the premiere of Balken. I am looking very much forward!
I edited another trailer to the work, footage taken from one of the latest rehearsals.
You can see it under own projects.

I edited a trailer to Balken now. You can see it under own projects.

I am momentarily working on my first solo Balken. It will premiere on the 21st of September 2013, in the frame of the Acker´Festival in Berlin.

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