PLACES (in succession)

(A house there is)
There is a house. And in that house there is a room and in that room a table. A huge wooden table, heavy and thick.
Dark brown is the wood and old and smooth. One must have felt it with hands resting palms facing down; the smoothness of the surface after many years of living, after many years of touch.
(Hands resting)
One must have felt it as a boy, as a grown up and as an old man. The smoothness of the surface is present to the touch of a hand resting palm facing down. Or to a hand in motion, that slides along the lines and figure, thinking in sensing.
(A hand in motion)

A hand is placed on the table and fingers follow its figure. A hand that moves, because it is the body that moves, that walks slowly, up and down, along the table.
The other hand is moving too, but in the air, accompanying the words that are spoken but we cannot hear, and the words follow the lines drawn on the table; an action left unnoticed by the one who speaks but we, who observe closely, we can see: how the table informs the hand, how the hand informs the mouth and how the speaking finds a second voice within the other hand that figures forms in the air.

December 2013-February 2014