MEHRSTIMMIGKEIT: two choreographic studies

research in the frame of my artistic bachelor thesis
public presentation: 9th of July 2014

The english equivalent to Mehrstimmigkeit is either polyphony or multipart music. In my research I looked at different forms of Mehrstimmigkeit, deriving not only from the field of music, but also from literature and drawing. I applied first conclusions and research questions in two small performative studies, with a focus on the in-/dependence of voices, harmonic relations and polyphonic narratives.
The first outcome of this research I presented on the 9th of July at the HZT Berlin, as part of my final Bachelor project.

Study I – a polyphonic choreography based on a musical model
Concept/Choreography/Music: Philipp Enders
Performance: Anna Jarrige, Emma Tricard, Liselotte Singer

the basic dance phrases

the music composition


Study II – polyphonic narration without words
Concept: Philipp Enders
Choreography/Performance: Emma Tricard, Julia Rodríguez, Philipp Enders

Study III – two-part miniatures
Concept/Text: Philipp Enders
The resulting two texts I wrote/composed, you can find here: