3-track EP

1. The Cows / By the Field
2. Ciel léger
3. May Ballad

In spring 2020, I wrote a small book as part of my mémoir to obtain my master degree in choreography at exerce in Montpellier, France. This little book is called N and was an attempt to write an autofictional short novel in fragments around the notion of Nuance.
I used some of these fragments as lyrics to three songs that I made in November 2020 & May 2021; together they form Stories from N.

All songs written, performed and recorded by Philipp Enders at home in Eymoutiers, France.
Drawing: Philipp Enders



The Cows / By the Field
There is a walk we like a lot, towards a place called Le Lac. First we pass by a field with two donkeys, and then comes another with a herd of cows. My son V is usually a bit ahead of us and he always likes to stay for a while with the cows. He knows their times now. When it is most likely to meet them up close.
My friend C once gave me a little book by Lydia Davis called The Cows. It is an essay in which Davis observes some cows behind her house. She writes of them, as if they were performing a choreography. Those cows. Since I read her text for the first time, I cannot but not look for it myself, too. And it is beautiful to watch how these cows draw lines in space. Day in, day out. Even though they are so numerous, they make so very little sound. I don’t know why they are so silent. In any case, their calm aura helps me to perceive their movements, even the very tiny ones. I really get the feeling that they own a choreographic sense.
I mean, who knows.

(Back by the field. Evening.) The road that leads along the field turned purple.
The cows are not there tonight. Nor were they yesterday. We wonder where they went. Instead we spot a fox crossing the field. Or something like a fox, because do foxes gallop?

Ciel léger
The day is windless and hot and still when you go up
to where the faint blue encircles you there
a breeze nearly imperceptible like less than a whisper
like more than your interior voice covers your skin

May Ballad
Evening outside with clouds afar falling light
your eyes rest on their movements
them slowly darkening
soon is night